Two today!

Date: October 3, 2021

Warning this is my once a year GO ME post!

We can get so caught up in servicing our clients that we can forget our own business milestones.

Well, today I am spoiling myself and giving my business a little pat on the back. Two years ago today I leapt nervously but excitedly into the world of self-employment and I am so proud I did what felt right to me.

I had people worried for my financial wellbeing, trying to discourage me, warn me off but I followed my gut and went for it.

It's been another rollercoaster year with some really hard personal experiences to cope with alongside running the business, but I've never stopped believing in myself and my passion to help my clients.

I recently had someone come up to me and ask if I was still in business because they didn't see me all over Facebook anymore and I am so proud of my reply that I thought my clients would prefer me to be posting content for them than my own. But just in case you also think I might no longer be in business, I am, and I'm very happy to say that too and if you are interested I have put together this little infographic of some of my achievements over the last two years.
I am pretty proud that little old me has published an average of nearly 300 POSTS A MONTH! So this is my one go me post of the year, so GO ME!

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