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Hi, I’m Nicole Bromley and I live in Guernsey, Channel Islands with my husband Rick and daughter Edie. I proudly launched Copper in October 2019 to take away the stress of social media from businesses and help them grow their online presence.

Why Copper?

Taking the plunge into self-employment came from a growing desire to give businesses a transparent, collaborative and personal service. I’m not a clock watcher and often go beyond what is expected of me. Why? I care, want to help and enjoy getting involved.

My background is quite varied having gained a graphic design degree and ending up working in recruitment and HR, gaining qualifications in both. The credit crunch happened and it was a harsh environment. I took some time out and set up my own jewellery business with my own Facebook page (when they were a new thing!). This led me to a role in marketing, a field I have now worked in for over ten years.

I self-taught myself social media marketing, and still am and have worked with social media management clients in a variety of areas including retail, hospitality, beauty, industry, finance, law and not for profit to name a few. I particularly enjoy working with clients in the creative field including architecture, interior design and product design.

Like it or loath it social media is the most accessible way for many small businesses to grow their impact and build their reputation; yet so many are fearful of it, begrudge it or use it blindly.

A friend said she was sat there crying at her computer because she was getting so stressed trying to do something on her Facebook page and I told her that nobody should get stressed by social media. That’s when I started to think how I could help people like my friend.

How can I help you?

I want to put the humanity back into social media and inspire my clients to see how they can use their social media presence to build trust, start conversations, gain feedback, add value to customer experience, oh and have fun of course.

It frustrates me when I receive one-size fits all customer experience so I like to provide my clients with support, clear outlines, added value and a friendly and personal service.

I will be your expert in the corner who is on hand to advise, create on-brand visuals and standout content, plus offer regular feedback so you can tweak, maximise and ensure your spend is as efficient as possible.

How will you feel working with me?

Relieved and able to get on with the ‘business of running your business’ and confident that how you’re represented on social media is aligned with your values and services.

But don’t take my word for it….read some lovely words on my homepage from people I have worked with.

Some facts about me

Owner & Host of Rise & Shine Breakfast Networking Club.

Committee member of Young Business Group (YBG).

Social Media / Communications Officer & Befriender for Guernsey Sands.

I have a Diploma in Recruitment Practice, Certificate in Personnel Practice and Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (Level 4 qualification).

I once auditioned to be a BBC TV presenter.

I enjoy swimming, Pilates, jogging and spending time with my family.

My favourite food is Italian and I’m partial to a glass of Villa Maria Sauvignon Blanc.

Guernsey Chamber of Commerce Member

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Fancy a chat over a cuppa?
It’s on me.

Fancy a chat over a cuppa?
It’s on me.

Fancy a chat over a cuppa?
It’s on me.

Fancy a chat over a cuppa?
It’s on me.

Fancy a chat over a cuppa?
It’s on me.

Let’s Chat

We can get so caught up in servicing our clients that we can forget our own business milestones.

Well, today I am spoiling myself and giving my business a little pat on the back.Two years ago today I leapt nervously but excitedly into the world of self-employment and I am so proud I did what felt right to me.

I had people worried for my financial wellbeing, trying to discourage me, warn me off but I followed my gut and went for it.

It’s been another rollercoaster year with some really hard personal experiences to cope with alongside running the business, but I’ve never stopped believing in myself and my passion to help my clients.

I recently had someone come up to me and ask if I was still in business because they didn’t see me all over Facebook anymore and I am so proud of my reply that I thought my clients would prefer me to be posting content for them than my own.

But just in case you also think I might no longer be in business, I am, and I’m very happy to say that too and if you are interested I have put together this little infographic of some of my achievements over the last two years.

Fancy a chat over a cuppa?
It’s on me.

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