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Taking the stress out of social media

so you can focus on your business

Collaborative | clear | creative

social media solutions for your business

I help relieve frustration and worry by taking away the stress out of social media by giving you my time, expertise and support to co-create clear social media marketing campaigns. It’s like having a social media manager on your team, minus the overheads and management basically.

If you want to go it alone, I also offer training and coaching to build your social media savvy and develop your online presence YOUR way.

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we create and write your social media content

We take the time to listen to what is going on in your business so we can create clear on-brand visuals and standout content for your social media marketing campaigns. We don’t just post for the sake of it, the content will have a purpose and be in your voice.

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we prepare schedules to work with your campaigns

Our social media content calendars allow you to see draft posts, scheduled posts and posts still waiting for approval and more. Ideas for posts can be added to our inspirations calendar as reminders for any relevant recurring international or local events or one off specific key dates.

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approve your posts by smartphone app

Approving your content just got easier and on the go with our mobile app social media approval process. Receive an email or a notification on your mobile when your posts are ready for you to review. Then approve, reject and comment on social media posts and ads before they’re scheduled. See what posts are scheduled for a given date, what posts are still waiting for approval and more.

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reports and analytics so you can see your results

Know how your social media accounts are performing at anytime with visually attractive social media reporting. PDF reports will contain selected social media metrics and key performance indicators which really matter to you or all numbers available.

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What people say

about me

Nicole has been managing YBG’s social media for 5 years now, and has done an excellent job. She is extremely reliable and we have the faith that all the work/posts will be eye catching, different and suitably relevant to the topic in discussion. What Is particularly key for us the committee for YBG, a team who have full time jobs on top of our YBG commitments, is that we are able to trust in Nicole to manage all social media and we do not feel the need to micro-manage as we are always very happy with the final product.

Vikki Seepaul, YBG President

If you want to get the max out of your social media channels, you need Copper. I thought I knew the basics but so much has changed in the last few years. Nicole got our channels set up right in the first place, taught us how to promote them, how to manage them day to day and how to analyse the results.

Shelaine Green, Women in Public Life

Nicole provided a thoughtful review, guide and step through that let us as the Pollinator Project Guernsey work out exactly how we were going to enhance our social media presence. Our first thought was do we really need this?

The answer when we got Nicole’s plan and the document was absolutely. Some of the points raised were the obvious ones -which we just needed to get on with, others were more technical or focused on getting the best from the different platforms based on insights, understanding of how the algorithms work or most importantly attuned to us as her clients.

Gordon Steele, Pollinator Project

Nicole has voluntarily worked in the role as communications officer for Guernsey Sands since 2014. She has wholly developed the presence of Guernsey Sands across several social media platforms and commissioned and overseen the creation and management of a fantastic website. In doing so she has largely on her own created an online support facility and community for local people that is a vital core part of our ability to offer continued support to bereaved parents. Nicole has worked closely with contacts in the local media to ensure that our events are always well publicised and that any community work that we are doing receives appropriate coverage. I thank her for her knowledge of what can be done and how to best do it and her determination to push things forward when needed.

Social media for fun is one thing but for businesss this is a totally different story. Luckily for me Nicole came to my rescue. Her training and explanations about social media made sense. She saved me hours of working things out for myself and introduced me to time efficient ways of preparing and publishing posts.

Alison G

I have worked with Nicole for a few months now. Nicole is very professional and helpful. I find it very easy to work with her as she understands me from just half of a sentence. I would highly recommend Nicole if you are looking for someone who is dependable and professional.

Antra V, via LinkedIn

Nicole is a highly capable and knowledgeable ‘Social Mediasavvy’ individual. Her response times are swift and accurate and she is a pleasure to deal with on a personal level. I believe that every office should have a Nicole!

Sandra M, via LinkedIn

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