I love to storytell

Date: June 30, 2021

Hi, I’m Nicole, a storyteller. It’s quite simple why I love what I do…..I love being a storyteller.

Having deliberated what to post about today on #SocialMediaDay, I’m going to let you in on the why. Why I find myself in 2021 as a storyteller.

I started Copper to have really genuine working relationships with my clients who fully trust that their real stories will be told genuinely and honestly. But it's been a journey to get here so let's turn back to the early pages....

Back in 2008, I left the world of HR/recruitment rather abruptly. It wasn't planned but something inside me was telling me to get out and now. It was a hard time with the credit crunch and redundancies and mergers being made. So there I was without a job and a mortgage to help pay for!

I listened to my gut and spent several months (thanks to what was going to be maternity leave savings) finding myself again. The creative inner me was calling out again and jewellery making became my outlet.

What has this got to do with social media?

I wanted to share the joy of making bridal jewellery, celebrate the couple's special day and how I had helped just a tiny bit in that. So I set up my first Facebook Page and this is where my love of storytelling all started.

Turning to a new chapter I started working for a digital marketing company helping spread the fab job businesses do in Guernsey. I loved really engaging with the people behind the businesses finding out who they were as people and their individual stories.

Where I've got my bookmark now is working for myself (still can't believe it), and dedicating time to businesses and their real stories. I'm quite an emotional person and in the past, that has been seen by some as a weakness but I now use this as a strength. I'm after goosebumps. If what I read can stir an emotion inside me, it's coming across as genuine and honest.

I guess you could say my 'why' is I love to story tell because of goosebumps! So on social media day why don't you tell your real story, show the real you.

And before pressing publish why not ask yourself is it goosebump worthy?

Nicole x

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